Director’s Message

“Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting fire” – W.B. Yeats

Velammal is an Empire of Education intends to illuminate the fire in students’ mind which proves to be a torch light in the paths they have to navigate on the sands of time. We exhibit a transparent definition of educational objectives and purposes which promote a vibrant atmosphere of academic, curricular and extra‐curricular activities. We therefore, offer a process of living as well as a preparation for future
living. Our object of education commensurate with the object of life. We aim to teach self‐trust, to inspire them with an interest on himself / herself, to acquaint him / her with the resources of his / her mind and to inflame them with a piety towards the Grand scenario in which he dwells. Opportunities are the launch pads which propel a person towards greater success; Hence, here our students are provided with umpteen inspiring and challenging environment to mould and empower them to meet the challenges of this global village. We assure to transform each student entering our doors to become the best of the upper echelons of society. As Edmund Burke commented, “Education is the cheap defence of a Nation, we are proud to equip and guard our country with a committed Defensive force of Education.

Velammal Matric, Ponneri


Velammal Matric Hr. Sec School
Kolkatta High Road, Panchetti – 601 204.
Tamil Nadu, India.
044 – 2797 5053 / 2797 5054 / 2797 5055

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