Why Velammal Matric, Ponneri?

Quality Teaching

We help students to develop qualities of leadership, teamwork and make sure that they are not only tuned to excel in academics besides.

Individual Care

We meticulously guide the students at every stage and ensure unhindered growth of knowledge.

Special Coaching

Coaching at Velammal Ponneri is at the great as we take special responsibility over the student. We create an ambient for the students to perform better.

Moral Discipline

We maintain traditional values and strict discipline that results in shaping up the student with high moral values and desire for truth.


It is indeed a privilege in addressing you. Yet another year has passed and we have crossed some more milestones. At every step we had the support and motivation provided by the confident parents, dedicated teachers and committed students. Today, Velammal group of institutions is growing from the strength to strength with ethical professional practices and is recognized as a reputed name in education. Read more


Velammal is an Empire of Education intends to illuminate the fire in students mind which proves to be a torch light in the paths they have to navigate on the sands of time. We exhibit a transparent definition of educational objectives and purposes which promote a vibrant atmosphere of academic, curricular and extra curricular activities. We therefore, offer a process of living as well as a preparation for future living. Read more