Yes, the school is providing separate boarding facilities for boys and girls.

Yes, our students are required to wear school uniform.

We do tests in Mathematics and Science to assess students' numeracy and general reasoning abilities

A personal visit for parents or families can be done at any point throughout the year with prior permission.

Yes, students with specific learning needs qualify for direct teaching and learning support by one of our specially trained teachers. Support can include both in class and individual educational provision.

Yes, at Matric we have identified the 21st century skills. Our focus is not only academic excellence but also on life skills, independent work, personality development, effective communication, art appreciation, technology integration and many more based on the age, interest and nature of the learner. The acquisition of these skills begins with simple exposures leading to practice and finally resulting in integration as a personality trait.

We give paramount importance to value based education to cater moral values among students.


Yes, our students participate in various inter school competitions in National and Inter National arena and emerged victorious.

We provide rigorous training to our students to crack various national and international entrance examinations throughout the year.

Yes, we have career guidance and career counseling cell.

Yes, we have parents teacher meeting.

We have 24x7 medical service for students in the campus.